NY home of former KISS member goes up in flames

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

A New York home owned by former KISS lead guitarist Ace Frehley went up in flames Saturday morning.

According to FOX News, firefighters were called to the stone house in the town of Yorktown Heights. Flames were reportedly burning through the roof.

The home was a recording studio at one time, which was the reason for the lack of windows that made fighting the fire difficult. The fire was primarily located on the second floor, according to the Journal News. Firefighters from surrounding counties, such as Ossining and Buchanan, assisted on the scene until nightfall.

Frehley does not live in the house, though he is still listed as the owner, and no one was home when the fire broke out. A man that lives there returned while firefighters were fighting the blaze.

It is not clear where the former KISS member was at the time of the blaze. Investigation into what caused the fire is still underway.

Image:Wikimedia Commons


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