Officers who beat mentally ill homeless man to death stand trial

By Jessica Rae Pulver-Adell,

Two ex-officers of the Fullerton Police Department in California are on trial for the egregious murder of Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man, who was beaten so savagely by Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli that he slipped into a coma and died five days later in July of 2011. A surveillance video of the grisly event survives, and will be used in the trial of Ramos and Cicinelli.

Ramos faces a felony charge of second degree murder and another count of involuntary manslaughter, which comes with a possible 15-year sentence, according to NBC 4 news. Cicinelli faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and excessive force.

Kelly was beaten to death despite his show of obedience and cries for his father. His last words were "Daddy" as Cicinelli bludgeoned Kelly's face against the pavement in wanton aggression. Cicinelli later remarked that he "smashed his face to hell" according to The Los Angeles Times

Ron Thomas, Kelly Thomas' father held a candlelight memorial in tribute to his son at the scene of the bus stop where he was murdered. Ron is eager to prove to the jury that his son was not violent, nor a schizophrenic. “This is our day,” he said. “It's finally here.”


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