Oklahoma capitol to get possible satanic statue next to 10 Commandments

By Brenda Clemons,

Oklahoma's fight to have a Christian statue on capitol grounds has opened the door for a possible satanic statue. Oklahoma is in the Bible belt and has been in more than one battle involving separation of church and state. They thought they had won this battle when legislatures allowed the placement of a privately built monument of the 10 Commandments on the grounds of the state’s capitol.

Now, Oklahoma News Channel 6 is reporting that a New York based Church of Satan is planning on requesting the placement of a donated monument be placed on the grounds as well. And the American Civil Liberties Union think Oklahoma’s new laws about donated monuments is on the side of Satan.

The proposed monument must first be approved by a state legislature committee. A spokesperson for the satanic group states that the plan is in good taste and meets with Oklahoma capitol standards reports Politico. The proposed statue will cost about $20,000 and may be interactive for children.



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