'Once Upon A Time' episode recap – 'Going Home'

By Sari N.Kent,

We open in Storybrooke as “Henry” and Felix are talking about recasting the curse. “Henry” has the scroll and drops the other ingredients into the well. “Henry” tells Felix that once the curse is recast everyone will be at his mercy and not remember who they were. “Death is final, their suffering will be eternal,” “Henry” tells Felix.

The gang talks about the curse being recast. Gold says the last curse was created to serve the Queen’s will, this will serve Pan’s. Regina says it can’t be stopped but Gold says it can. “It can only be undone by the person who used the scroll. That’s you Regina.”

“Henry” tells Felix that the Queen’s curse will be “child’s play” compared to his. Felix reiterates his complete faith in Pan.

Gold tells Regina that she must destroy the scroll, “but there will be a price…a steep one,” he tells Regina. He then says she must bring the scroll to him, then he can cast a spell to return Henry and Pan to their rightful bodies.

“Henry” then tells Felix that to complete the curse he needs “the thing I love most.” Felix thinks he means Rumplestiltskin’s heart, but “Henry” says he never loved him. “Love can mean many things Felix. It doesn’t just come from romance or family. It can also come from loyalty and friendship. Only one person has always believed in Pan.” Felix then realizes that’s him, but “Henry” then tells Felix “not to be afraid, you should be flattered” and then “Henry” reaches into Felix’s chest, rips out his heart, crushes it and throws the remnants into the well.

“Pan” then says once he’s back in his own body, he can bring the scroll to Gold. Regina doesn’t think Gold is powerful enough to cast such a spell. Gold says he needs the Black Fairy’s wand. Tinkerbell then explains that the Black Fairy was the most powerful fairy that ever existed but the Blue Fairy exiled her for using black magic, but before she did, she took her wand. Gold assumes Mother Superior (the Blue Fairy) hid it at her house. David wants to go there right away. Tinkerbell wants to come to pay her respects to the Blue Fairy. Gold then says the rest of them should go to his shop and prepare “Pan” for the spell. Meanwhile, Pan’s shadow has heard their plan and flies away.

“Henry” watches and smiles as the recast spell billows up from the well with green smoke.

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