'Once Upon A Time' episode recap - 'The New Neverland'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open in present day Storybrooke. Belle takes Ariel to see Eric, who's working as a fisherman on the docks. Ariel is afraid he'll be mad at her but when they lock eyes, he's ecstatic to see her and they embrace as Belle smiles. Then, Belle. Ariel and Eric see the "Jolly Roger" in the sky and Belle whispers, "He's back." Everyone rejoices as the gang steps off Hook's boat and are home. The dwarves are ecstatic, Granny hugs "Henry" and Emma, Gold and Belle are reunited, and Mary-Margaret sees that Ariel and Eric are together. Then. Emma asks "Henry" what it's like to finally be home. "Better than I ever imagined," he replies as the Lost Boys, including Felix, disembark the "Jolly Roger" as well. Belle welcomes Neal home and they all hug. Then, Wendy reunites with with her brothers, John and Michael. Then, Neal comes over and they all hug. Meanwhile, Mary-Margaret asks David how he's feeling and he says the water must be working because he feels fine.

Emma then says that for a minute she wasn't sure they'd ever leave Neverland. Mary-Margaret then proclaims to everyone how instrumental Regina was in getting them all home.

Flashback to the fairy tale land in the past when Regina crashes Snow and Charming's wedding vowing to.make sure they are never happy. After, Snow is frustrated but Charming wants them to focus in their honeymoon to show Regina that her threats can't hurt their happiness. Snow then tells Charming that she wants to go to the Summer Palace because that's where her parents went on their honeymoon. Charming kisses her and goes to make their travel arrangements. Then, Grumpy comes in and tells Snow that the castle is secure. He then says he overheard her conversation with Charming and asks her if going on her honeymoon now is a good idea. Snow replies that there's something at the Summer Palace that will help them defeat Regina.

Back in Storybrooke David asks Gold if Pan's Shadow is really trapped. Gold replies that the only person who can free it is locked in Pandora's Box. Meanwhile, "Henry" goes over to Felix, who asks him what happens if they let the real Henry out. "Henry" replies that isn't the problem then whispers that they need to trust him. He then yells that Felix needs to be punished so David takes him away. Gold then seals Pandora's Box so the only person that can open it is him. Everyone promises "Henry" that Pan will never hurt him ever again.

At Granny's, Emma gives "Henry" back his storybook. He doesn't look too thrilled. She asks him if he's okay and he says he is. Hook's been watching them when Neal sits next to him. Hook then tells Neal that for "the boy's sake, I'm going to back off of Emma and give his parents have a fair shot." Neal thanks him, but Hook tells him not to because "I'm in this for the long haul. You already walked out on Emma once. I'm not sure she'll let you back in, are you?"

Tinkerbell and Mother Superior (the Blue Fairy) see each other at Granny's. Regina orders Mother Superior to give Tinkerbell her wings back because she helped them and got pixie dust to work for a second. Mother Superior wants to see but Tinkerbell says she can't to do it again. Mother Superior replies that if she can't believe in herself, how can she ask her to? Then, Mother Superior leaves.


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