'Once Upon A Time' episode recap – 'Save Henry'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open in the past as the Queen's curse is being initiated. She goes to visit Rumplestiltskin in his cell. He asks her what it felt like ripping out her father's heart for the curse. She replies that how it felt doesn't matter. Rumplestiltskin still thinks there is something missing, which the Queen denies. Rumplestiltskin then tells her that Snow White and Prince Charming's child can still break the curse and the Queen now has a hole in her heart that someday she'll need to fill. The Queen doesn't believe him but he then replies that she "underestimated what you've done." The Queen thinks Rumplestiltskin wants to make another deal because he wants to escape the curse but she tells him that she won't. He then replies, "Why would I want that? I'm exactly where I want to be."

Back to Neverland in the present. The gang can't revive Henry and Emma asks Pan what he did to him. Pan says that Henry gave him his heart of his own free will. Then goes to strike at Pan with her sword but he moves and tells Emma that he doesn't think she has it in her, just like Rumplestiltskin/Gold didn't. He then reveals that he put Gold in Pandora's Box and flies away. Regina then vows to get Henry home.

Flashback to 11 years ago in Storybrooke. Regina summons Archie, who senses that something is missing from Regina's life. She comments that the only time she felt whole was when young Owen visited Storybrooke. Regina then goes to Gold's shop and asks him to get her a Baby. He asks if she's ready for a child. She replies that it's "something I need." He agrees to get her a Baby but adds that whether or not it will help her remains to be seen.

Back in Neverland, Regina puts a protection spell on Henry to keep him in his current condition. Emma then asks Neal if he has any idea where Pan went. He doesn't. Regina then threatens Felix to tell them where Pan is. Felix replies that "it doesn't matter because Pan has won and never fails." Regina then wants to torture Felix so he tells them where Pan is but Emma stops her and thinks there is another way to get the info they need.

Back in the past, Gold tells Regina that he talked to an agency in Boston and found her a baby from Phoenix whose adoption fell through.

Regina goes to Boston and meets with the head of the agency. He's very impressed with her references, etc. He then tells her that it's a closed adoption so she'll never be able to contact the baby's birth parents about medical history, etc. Regina says she doesn't care about the baby's past just his future. Then, a woman brings in the baby, who Regina names Henry after her father.

Back in Neverland, Neal sits with a comatose Henry as Emma tries to reason with the Lost Boys. She tells them that she was an orphan once like them but found out she wasn't alone and people who cared for her. Felix maintains that Pan is the "only family they'll ever need" but Emma says that Pan lied to them and made them do horrible things to save himself. Felix tells the other Lost Boys not to listen to Emma and that Pan cares about them but Emma says that he doesn't but they do and they can them home with them. Felix tells one of the Lost Boys to be quiet when he asks Emma if she can really take them home. The Lost Boy then tells the gang that Pan is "at his thinking tree" as Felix screams. The Lost Boy says he'll show them if Emma swears she'll take them home. She does.

Back in the past. Regina brings baby Henry to Granny's diner. Henry won't stop crying so Granny advises Regina to tell the baby a soothing story so he'll stop crying. Regina then picks Henry up and starts telling him a story but he keeps crying. Regina then takes him to the hospital to be checked out. Dr. Whale says Henry is fine. Regina insists that there must be something wrong with Henry and that it's his job to find out what it is. Dr. Whale then says to truly know if something is wrong with Henry, he'd need to know his birth parents' medical history. She tells Dr. Whale that it was a closed adoption and there is no way into contact them. Later, alone, she calls Sidney. While on the phone she runs into Mary-Margaret, who she asks to hold Henry. She tells Sidney to find out the name of Henry's birth mother despite it being against the law. She needs the info because she believes there is something wrong with Henry because he won't stop crying. She then sees that he's stopped crying while Mary-Margaret has been holding him. She asks her how she got him to stop crying. Mary-Margaret replies that she just held him. Regina takes the baby from her and he resumes crying. Regina thinks it's her fault he won't stop crying.

Back in Neverland, the Lost Boys tell the gang where Pan's "thinking tree" is. Hook says no one has been there for centuries. Neal wants to get the Lost Boys onto Hook's ship so everyone's ready to go once they get Henry's heart back from Pan. Neal tells Emma that Henry will be safe with him while she and Hook go look for Pan. Mary-Margaret wants to go with Hook and Emma because she wants to spend as much time with Emma as possible since she has to stay with David in Neverland for eternity. Emma agrees.

Back in the past, Henry is still crying. She picked her up, kisses him and begs him "to give me a chance" and he stops crying. Regina is ecstatic. Then, Sidney calls to tell Regina that he's faxing her the info he found on Henry's birth mother. Regina reads it and immediately goes to Gold's shop. She accuses him if knowing that Henry's birth mother was found in the woods as a baby outside of Storybrooke "on a very significant day." Gold replies that didn't know what Regina is talking about. Regina realizes that Henry's birth mother is "important." Regina then accuses Gold of wanting to destroy everything she built by bringing Henry's birth mother to Storybrooke. Regina then says that Henry is going back to the agency in Boston.

In Neverland, Emma, Hook, Mary-Margaret and Regina find Pandora's Box but then a vine totes them to a tree, Pan appears and tells them that the "only place you'll be reunited with Henry is in death."

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