Oscar Time: Predicting Best Actor - Who can beat Chiwetel Ejiofor?

By Daniel S Levine,

Last year’s Best Actor Oscar race was over before it started. Although the other nominees gave acclaimed performances, everyone knew that Daniel Day-Lewis was going to walk away with the Oscar for Lincoln. At first, this year’s award seemed like another easy one, with 12 Years A Slave star Chiwetel Ejiofor getting near unanimous acclaim. But as more films have come out, it’s clear that we have a race for Best Actor this year.

So, let’s start looking at some of the frontrunners for this year’s race. You can check out my list of potential Best Actress nominees here.

Chiwetel Ejiofor - 12 Years A Slave
Ejiofor is still a front runner, even though it is now obvious that it will not be a runaway race. He has picked up nominations at both the SAG Awards and the Golden Globes. If he can win both of those, then it’ll be obvious that he could win the Oscar as well. A nomination at least is guaranteed. His performance is heartbreaking and inspiring and without that, the movie would not be as great as it is.



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