Paul Walker memorial draws big crowds

By Ashleigh Nicole,

The death of actor Paul Walker was both shocking and tragic. It's no wonder the streets of Valencia were filled with mourners and fans. The loss of the talented 40-year-old actor drew crowds from across the country.

The Los Angeles Times spoke with two fans who had driven 20 hours in a snow storm from Washington to attend Walker's memorial. They weren't the only ones to make such a long journey to send off the Fast and the Furious superstar.

The memorial was organized through social media, organized entirely by fans and was set to begin around noon. One fan told The Hollywood Reporter that Walker, “was so much more than just an actor from the movies.” The fan said that Walker “really was the face of California car culture.”

Perhaps this is why on Sunday, the streets Valencia were filled with mourning fans and fast cars as people came to pay their respects to Walker.

Before Sunday's memorial, Walker's co-stars visited the crash site. Last Monday, Vin Diesel, Walker’s co-star and friend, came by and addressed the crowd with his heartfelt thank you to all the supporters.

Since the passing of Walker on Nov. 30, the site of the crash on Hercules Street has been attracting people from all over to come and remember the actor to pay tribute.

image: Universal/image.net


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