Palestinian sniper kills Israeli man, Israel retaliates with bomb strike

By Kyle Johnson,

A Palestinian sniper shot and killed an Israeli man who was repairing the security fence bordering Gaza and Israel retaliated by bombing several locations believed to have militant ties.

The Israeli bombing run ended up killing a 3-year-old girl and four of her family who were living in a refugee camp, reports The New York Times.

No Palestinian group has come forward to take responsibility for killing the laborer, but ahead of the bombing run, Hamas evacuated several security areas fearing a quick retaliatory response from Israel. Hamas spokesperson Islam Shahwan also said that the shooting was a "heroic operation."

According to Reuters, the laborer was the first Israeli killed in at least a year from around the Gaza territory.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the sniper shooting saying, "This is an extremely grave incident and we will not ignore it." In a statement released before the bombing strikes, Netanyahu added, "Our policy has been to thwart (Palestinian attacks) and to respond (to them) forcefully, and that is what we will do in this case."

Over the past few months, fighting between the two sides has increased, resulting in the death of four Israelis and 19 Palestinians.


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