‘Parenthood’ Recap - ‘All That's Left Is The Hugging'

By Andrew Wilson,

In the wake of defeat from the election, Adam and Kristina dive into what would have been her celebratory cake, and even start a food fight with each other.

Sarah gets bombarded by tenants about the heat in the building. Carl interrupts the tenants and demands Sarah come to his apartment for a problem, but he admits there isn’t any problem, he was trying to save her from the tenants. He offers her a glass of wine.

Julia goes downstairs to talk to Joel who has decided to sleep on the couch. Julia apologizes for her yelling at him, and at Peet. Concerned and worried, she convinces Joel that they need to try to get past this for their family.

Sarah and Carl talk at Carl’s when the lights go out. A bit confused as to what to do, Carl offers to flip the switch on the breaker for $10. As Sarah starts to playfully argue with him stating she can do it, Carl leans in and starts kissing her.

Amber walks into the Luncheonette, seeing the band and profusely apologizes about what happened to the drummer, Zach. Oliver is upset that they lose time in the studio because of Zach’s hand, and Adam tells Amber that he and Crosby want to talk to her.

Drew brushes his teeth in the dorm bathroom and his roommate drops the bomb that he saw Natalie with some other guy the night before. Drew tells him that they are just friends with benefits, and the roommate states it seems like she’s giving benefits to all her friends.

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