Paris Hilton filing charges against Lindsay Lohan but brother backs out over threat

By Brenda Clemons,

Paris Hilton made the statement that no one messes with her family after her brother Barron Hilton was beaten up at a Miami, Florida mansion. Her brother quickly accused Lindsay Lohan of instigating the beating, thus prompting Hilton to threaten Lohan with a lawsuit.

But now the Daily Mail is reporting that Barron Hilton is backing down because he is being threatened with incriminating photos taken at the party. The photos reportedly were taken by a friend of Lindsay’s and she is the one threatening him.

As long as he backs down, the photos remain unpublished. If he continues accusing Lohan and if Paris continues with her lawsuit; then the photos go public. No details have been given about what the photos contain.

Wonderwall is reporting that Ray Lemoine, the man accused of beating Barron, is defending himself, telling police that Hilton got mouthy and in his face when Lemoine asked him to leave his rented mansion.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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