Paris Hilton threatens Lindsay Lohan after Barron Hilton’s beating, Dina Lohan denies daughter’s involvement

By Daniel S Levine,

Paris Hilton is not going to deal with Lindsay Lohan threatening her younger brother, Barron. Last week, Barron was assaulted at a party, allegedly at Lohan’s request. Although Paris and Barron are sure that Lohan had something to do with it, Lohan’s parents have come to their daughter’s defense.

As we previously reported, Barron claimed that he was was beaten during a Miami party Thursday night after he was heard bad mouthing Lohan. According to TMZ, a man beat him up and Lohan stood watching and laughing.

He shared a photo of the bruises on Instagram without a caption. According to The New York Daily News, Paris posted a message on the photo, which read, “They both will pay for what they did. No one f---- with my family and gets away with it!!”

Lohan and her father Michael have denied that she was involved, but TMZ has a video of Lohan and Barron yelling at each other Friday morning, just after the party ended.

Dina Lohan, her mother, told Newsday that her daughter had nothing to do with it. TMZ “doesn't have the facts. Everything they're saying is not based on fact,” she told Newsday.

Paris was also in Miami, where Lohan was attending an event at an art gallery. Hilton shared photos of herself in Miami.

The feud between the Hiltons and Lohan dates back to 2006, when a Hilton friend called the troubled actress “firecrotch.”

image: Wikimedia Commons


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