Paul Rudd cast as Ant Man

By Amanda Stewart,

This week, Marvel confirmed that Anchorman 2 actor Paul Rudd will star in Ant-Man.

As previously reported, Rudd's casting was confirmed on Thursday.

Many people would think that Rudd is an odd fit for the part of Ant-Man. However, The NY Daily News pointed out that many critics made similar comments about Robert Downey Jr. starring in Iron Man, but those films have been huge hits.

Ant Man was an original member of the Avengers, but hasn't appeared in the films yet. It's likely that it wasn't until recently that special effects could make Ant Man look believably smaller next to normal-sized people. Now that these effects are readily available, producers believe Ant-Man can be a popular superhero.

Many people recall names like Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk, but most people outside the comic book community are not aware of Ant-Man’s existence before Rudd was cast as the next superhero. This part will definitely put Rudd under the scope, as many Marvel films have been successes.

American Live Wire questioned whether Rudd, a famous comedian, would be right for the part of Ant-Man. Comedians being cast as superheroes has often had varied results.

Ant-Man will be released on July 31, 2015.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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