Paul Walker tribute: Best of 'Fast & Furious' character Brian O'Connor

By Amanda Ostuni,
Brian/Paul's best moments throughout the franchise

Paul Walker's earliest roles came on television shows in the mid 1980s. The films She's All That and Varsity Blues made him a Hollywood heartthrob. But it was his role as an undercover cop in the street racing world that made him a star. His role in the Fast and Furious franchise as Brian O'Connor, the cop who alters his life and the lives of those he meets when he becomes enamored with the world he was meant to bring down, spanned five films and more than a decade. Brian was sexy, sweet, good yet bad, deep yet silly, cocky yet humble. Even though his blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty-boy facade might suggest simplicity, he was a complex character who repeatedly faced even more complex issues of morality. His character—and the man who portrayed him—will be missed incredibly.

Throughout the franchise Walker's character had too many excellent moments to count. But to give you an idea of what they were, here's a list of the best Brian O'Connor moments, broken down by topics:

Every time Brian and Dom (Vin Diesel) joke about who is a better racer or what cars are best. He's always smirking in a sexy, playful way and it makes the bromance one for the ages.

His cars:
His first one-

His car in the second film:

For a complete list of Brian's amazing fast cars, click here.

Bottom line? They were all amazing—in both appearance and ability.


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