Pearl Harbor survivors commemorate Pearl Harbor attack

By Kyle Johnson,

Saturday, Dec. 7 marks the 72nd anniversary of the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor, which resulted in the United States being drawn into World War II, so a group of survivors plan on gathering at the memorial in Honolulu to remember and honor those who passed away.

Around 50 survivors, most in their 90s, are gathering for the 72nd commemoration of Dec. 7, Chief of Interpretation for the USS Arizona Memorial said, Reuters reports. "They are in their twilight years, so now is the time to honor them and thank them for their service." Martinez added, "This is our most important day at Pearl Harbor."

They will gather around the USS Arizona Memorial, which was erected over the ruins of the ship, where 1,177 of its 1,400-member crew died, and resulted in almost half of the casualties inflicted during the attack.

According to the Boston Herald, those who are still alive will forever remember the event. One such survivor is 92-year-old Ray Frazee, who watched from the USS Argonne as the planes approached for their sneak attack.

"It feels like you're still there, you'll never forget something like that," he said in an interview on Friday. "One of my very best friends was killed that day." Frazee added that he was the one to tell his friend's parents of his death.

"I didn't think, all I did was concentrate," Frazee said as he recalled being full of adrenaline and sprinting to collect ammunition on the ship. The USS Argone was not hit during the attack, so Frazee said he was sent out to try and rescue those stuck in the waters.

Frazee notes that he hopes that the country will continue to honor Dec. 7, but he doesn't "like to make a big thing about it," noting he won't be going out.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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