PETA takes issue with 'Wolf of Wall Street' and Leonardo DiCaprio

By Kyle Johnson,

Add another animal rights group not all too pleased with the use of the chimpanzee in Leonardo DiCaprio's upcoming film Wolf of Wall Street.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has created a new ad campaign with DiCaprio at its target over the film's use of a chimpanzee that is part of the Rosaire family, TheWrap reports.

The campaign says that the family that raises the apes are "notorious for operating a traveling circus that forces chimpanzees to perform cruel and unnatural acts."

The petition notes that someone who is so active in the environment should be against the use of apes from the Rosaire's or really anyone and PETA asks that he never work with apes again. "PETA hopes the next time Leo receives a script with an ape 'actor' in it, he'll remember that these sensitive animals are stolen from their mothers at birth and subjected to physical abuse."

PETA's campaign follows right on the heels of another animal rights group, Friends of Animals, that announced it would be boycotting the film premiere on Tuesday because of the very same reason. They worry, though, that the chimpanzee, named Chance, might be psychologically damaged because it appeared in the film, in addition to being from the Rosaire family.

Danny Porush, who is portrayed in the film, noted that the chimpanzee was added for the film and never actually happened during his time with Jordan Belfort.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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