Peter O'Toole: Five Essential Performances

By Daniel S Levine,

Peter O’Toole, who died on Sunday at age 81, was one of the best actors to reach the silver screen. It wasn’t just those piercing blue eyes, but it was also his delivery of lines and an ability to move easily from rage to calm. Whenever he appeared on screen, filmgoers understood that they were about to see an epic performance.

If there ever was living proof that awards do not matter when it comes to such an art as film, it was O’Toole. He was nominated for an astonishing eight Oscars for Best Actor and never won any of them. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences tried to rectify that by giving him an honorary award in 2003. O’Toole was among the greats who never won a competitive Oscars.

O’Toole has 94 credits to his name, including roles in two upcoming films, although he announced his full-time retirement in 2012. Here is a short top five collection of some of his most acclaimed performances.

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