Pi Delta Psi removes Baruch College chapter from fraternity after hazing kills freshman

By Funke Oyelade,

Fraternity Pi Delta Psi is no longer in Baruch College after a hazing ritual killed a freshman attending the college.

NBC News reported the Baruch College chapter violated the fraternity's no hazing policy. “Baruch Colony has violated the rules and values of our organization, including our strict no-hazing policy,” said Andy Meng, the national executive chairman.

The freshman that died was 19-year-old Chun “Michael” Deng. Deng, along with other pledges, were blindfolded and had to carry backpacks filled with 20 pounds of sand. The fraternity members would take turns trying to knock the pledges down, reported the Huffington Post.

Deng fell during the hazing and hit his head. Instead of calling the police, the members looked online for Deng’s symptoms and took 90 minutes before taking him to the hospital. The pledge members also tried to hide their affiliation with the fraternity.

Everything happened in a rented house in Pennsylvania mountains, off-campus, two weeks ago. The college said they did not know about the trip nor did they authorize it.

When questioned by police, some members lied about how Deng was injured and others left before police could question them.

The freshman was taken to the Giesinger Wyoming Valley Hospital where physicians said the boy suffered brain trauma and was placed on life support. Deng died at the hospital, reported Pocono Record.

The police are looking into those responsible for the killing of Deng. CNN was told by Monroe County District Attorney E. David Christine criminal charges are expected.


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