'Portlandia' set for big season

By Connor Murphy,

Portlandia, the IFC sketch comedy series featuring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, is slated to return for its fourth season February 27, 2014. The show was renewed for two more seasons over the summer. While the show drew in many celebrity cameos over its first three seasons, many are expected back and even more.

IFC announced this season’s guest star lineup will include musicians such as Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, Queen of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme and former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan among others. Some celebrities include Saturday Night Live’s Maya Rudolph and Vanessa Bayer, and even Kirsten Dunst, Olivia Wilde, Nick Swardson and Dan Savage.

Of course Portlandia wouldn’t be Portlandia without the familiar faces seen on the program expected to return, such as Steve Buscemi, Ed Begsley Jr., Jason Sudeikis, and Portland’s favorite fake mayor, Kyle MacLachlan.

Jennifer Caserta, president of IFC, told Rolling Stone, "Whether there is no shortage of celebrities who want to visit Portland, or Portlandia has an endless number of friends, it's good news for IFC viewers, We're once again blown away by the creativity and talent this show brings to our air every season."

Portlandia is a hit, and it seems as fun as a show for all involved to make, as it is for its many fans to watch.

Look forward to Armisen, Brownstein and friends letting the hijinks ensue in another season of Portlandia on IFC February 27, 2014.

Take a look back at the trailer for season 3 here:

image: Wikimedia Commons


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