Priest discovers he has lost painting by Anthony Van Dyck

By Kyle Johnson,

Father Jamie MacLeod, of north Derbyshire, England, found out a painting he had purchased for £400 several years ago and hung up in his home was actually a real Sir Anthony Van Dyck painting that was actually worth much, much more than what he paid.

According to BBC News, he first brought the painting to Antiques Roadshow during a summer taping and was surprised to find out the painting was in fact real and not a copy and could be worth more than £400,000.

He has said he purchased the painting at an antiques shop in Cheshire that has long since closed down.

Those at the Roadshow believed it to be genuine, but had several experts examine it. Before the painting was verified, expert Philip Mould restored the painting, which was then determined to be real by Dyck expert Dr. Christopher Brown.

The Independent reports that MacLeod has said he plans to sell the painting so he can buy some new bells for the church.

MacLeod said of the whole situation, "It's been an emotional experience and it's such great news." He added, "It's wonderful that new church bells hopefully will be pealing out to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War in 2018."


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