Redskins' RGIII benched in favor of Kirk Cousins

By Kyle Johnson,

As if the season wasn't enough of a circus for the Washington Redskins, head coach Mike Shanahan has essentially shut Robert Griffin III down and will start Kirk Cousins in his stead.

While talking with reporters on Wednesday, Griffin spoke about how Shanahan has decided to shut him down as a worry about potential injury at the end of the lost season, ESPN reports. The quarterback said his coach "wanted to make sure I got to the offseason free from injury."

Though many speculate the reasons are likely a move to spite owner Daniel Snyder, Shanahan is remaining steadfast that it is because of injury concerns. "I think the risk is too great. I don't want him going to his third year on IR." He added, "We're in here to win games, but I'm going to do the right thing."

A couple sources close to the situation say that the team will make RGIII the third string for the remaining three games and activate Rex Grossman to be Cousins' backup, according to The Washington Post.

During Monday's press conference, Shanahan had said that if he starts Cousins then Griffin would be done for the season.

Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons was originally thought to be, before the season, one that could potentially decide playoff seeding, but will instead be Cousins second NFL start.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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