Ridley Scott options young adult fantasy 'Fae'

By Kyle Johnson,

Director Ridley Scott has joined the craze of adapting young adult books for the big screen as he has optioned the film rights for Fae.

Fae was published last year by Colet and Jasmine Abedi through Diversion Books and unsurprisingly is the first book in a trilogy, Deadline exclusively reports. The sibling authors have already completed the sequel, The Dark King.

Fae is about a teenager girl, Caroline Ellis, who upon reaching her 16th birthday sets off the battle between the Dark and Light Fae that was fated to happen. Ellis has to face her fate and her relationship with Devilyn Reilly, who has Dark power inside of him that she has to deal with.

YA books are being snapped up with increasing regularity as movies like The Hunger Games series are doing gangbusters at the box office. Over the weekend it was announced that Victoria Aveyard's The Red Queen was going to be brought to the big screen by former Breaking Bad assistant and scribe Gennifer Hitchison. The book isn't due out yet for another year.

The Red Queen too is part of a trilogy and follows at 17-year-old girl who learns that the world is divided by the color of blood and she must save her family.

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