Ryan O'Neal defends Farrah Fawcett Warhol painting in court

By Kyle Johnson,

On Monday Ryan O'Neal testified that a painting of Farrah Fawcett by Andy Warhol is his and that it wasn't a secret that he took it from her home after the actress passed away.

According to The Associated Press, the painting is in the center of a lawsuit filed by the University of Texas at Austin to figure out ownership. O'Neal contends, "The painting is mine."

The painting was done in 1980 and the university claims that the painting was left by Fawcett to them as a donation. The painting was done by shooting Polaroid photos of Fawcett and then adding colors to the canvas. There were two versions created and one hangs at the university's Blanton Museum and O'Neal has the other.

"It didn't take long," the Oscar-nominated actor said of the painting. "Doing her hair took longer than taking the pictures."

O'Neal claims that Warhol approached him about doing a painting of Fawcett, while attorney David Beck says that the painting was done while she was at a portrait session in Houston.

The actor said that he doesn't have plans to sell the painting, reports NBC News. "I'm going to give it to her son. Our son."

The painting has an estimated worth of $30 million.


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