Samuel L. Jackson to co-star in Tarzan film

By Brenda Clemons,

Samuel L. Jackson is said to be set to co-star alongside Alexander Skarsgard in Warner Brothers' big screen adaption of Tarzan. David Yates is said to be directing.

Variety is reporting thatJackson is said to have been interested in the film for some time but was unable to commit due to scheduling conflicts.

Jamie Foxx is rumored to have been offered the role but he dropped out after the movie hit budget problems. The extra time opened the way for Jackson’s schedule to be cleared. This is good news for Tarzan’s producers, Jerry Weintraub and Mike Richardson, who still haven’t been given the green light by Warner Brothers. The two produced a 5-minute video explaining how the film will look in an effort to keep executives interested in the project.

CinemaBlend.com is pointing out that both Jackson and Skarsgard are coming off movie projects that, while being critical successes, have relatively flopped at the box office.

image: image.net


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