Santa Claus may have competition thanks to Krampus

By Amanda Stewart,

Krampus is making an appearance this holiday season in many specials on TV in place of Santa. Just in the past week, Krampus has had his moment on Friday’s episode of Grimm as Santa’s evil twin. He also appeared on this week’s American Dad episode, “The Menstrual Krampus.”

Many are wondering if this is simply a passing fad as the newer generations have been supporting some anti-Christmas traditions.

According to The National Geographic, the name Krampus originates from the German word krampen, meaning claw. Krampus was created as counterpart to St. Nick. Krampus would carry a bundle of birch sticks to swat the “naughty” children with and bring them to his lair.

Raycom News Network reports that the legend of Krampus outdates Christianity.

Krampus was suppressed for many years by the Catholic Church because of the celebrations. It was considered to be created by the Social Democrats, so it was suppressed during World War II. However, Krampus is certainly making a comeback due to pop culture’s attempt to search for non-traditional ways to celebrate Christmas.

Krampus is becoming commercialized in Europe, selling chocolates and horns on TV commercials. In America, people are beginning to hold Krampus parties.

Krampus dates back to the eleventh century. While many wondered whether this was just a passing fad, Krampus may be here to stay. Santa may have some competition this year, and those to come.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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