'Saturday Night Live' Recap - John Goodman & Kings of Leon

By Noah Golden,

You youngin’s might not know, but John Goodman is one of the best and busiest Saturday Night Live hosts of all time. He hosted 12 times between ’89 and ’01 and is only behind Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin when it comes to hosts with the most shows under their belt.

Goodman has created many memorable SNL characters and starred in many great SNL skits but most young people only know Goodman as the voice of that blue furred Sully and the guy who starred in that pretty terribly Flintstones movie. But in the ‘90s he was the star of a very successful sitcom and a bonafide SNL all-star. His last hosting gig was in 2001, not long after 9/11. I recently dug up that episode in the deep recesses of the internet and, yes, it was as dated as you’d think a post-9/11 show might be. I mean, there was an entire sketch (and not a terrible one to boot) about average folks whose lives have been ruined because they have names like Al Gezzera and Al Kyda. Anywho, it was clear that Goodman had a connection with the ‘90s cast as he frequently collaborated with them, but now all but Meyers is gone, so it’ll be most interesting to see how Goodman blends in with the current cast.

Like always, I’ll be writing the recaps “live,” meaning I’ll watch the sketch and immediately write a short blurb reviewing and recapping it. For each segment, I’ll rate it on a scale of 0-5 stars. At the end of the piece, I’ll share some quick overall thoughts and the best/worst sketch of the night.

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