Selena Gomez storms off stage, drops f-bomb

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

We’d expect an on-stage tantrum from Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, but never thought Gomez would be the one throwing the fit.

Gomez performed Friday night at KIIS-FM's annual Jingle Ball and was having issues with her audio malfunctioning. According to Celebuzz, the “Slowdown” singer yelled “what the f*ck” at her crew before storming off stage. Not long after, she returned to the stage apologizing to her fans and promising to play two more songs.

"I have to thank you guys so much for allowing me to be able to perform the music that I love. And I have to say that before you guys go on to the people that you care about, I really appreciate you supporting everything that I do. So this next song is the first song I had hit No. 1, and it's called 'Come & Get It,’” Gomez said, according to Us Weekly. However, once the 21-year-old singer finished “Come & Get It,” she left the stage, not finishing her set as promised.

Gomez wasn’t the only one to experience audio problems. Ariana Grande also experienced audio difficulties while on stage, but she apologized to the fans and joked "at least you know I wasn’t singing to a track,” seemingly making a dig at Gomez’s behavior.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Tony Felgueiras


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