Senator Rand Paul uses Festivus to launch grievances Twitter rant

By Daniel S Levine,

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul went on a Twitter rant against Washington D.C. on Monday, using the fake Seinfeld holiday Festivus as an excuse for doing so just days before Christmas. The writer of the famous episode that introduced the holiday slammed Paul for using his joke.

Paul warned D.C. over the weekend that he planned on going posting several “grievances” he has with the system. As those who are familiar with Festivus know, part of the holiday is airing your grievances at the dinner table with your family. “In honor of Festivus, tomorrow I will be airing my grievances, mostly against Washington. Check back here in the morning,” Paul wrote, reports The Washington Post.

The grievances ran the gamut from minor to overall critiques on the system. His first target was the bipartisan deal recently struck that’s supposed to keep Congress from shutting down. “One party seems to like some of the Bill of Rights,” Paul said. “The other party, some more. Few willing to stand up for the whole thing.”

He complained about Senate procedures, the Federal Reserve and Obamacare. His followers also learned that he thinks “Too many people wearing ties on TV as it is.” He also needed more than 140 characters to complain about the NSA.

Dan O’Keefe, who wrote the famous Seinfeld episode, slammed Paul’s rant on CNN, reports Politico. “When [Sen.] Rand Paul tries to seem relevant with 15-year-old pop cultural references it reminds me of when Bob Hope used to dress up as the Fonz, but that’s just me,” O’Keefe said.

For those who need a quick refresher on Festivus, here are the holiday’s origins.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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