'Shakespeare in Love' and 'Rounders' sequels in the works

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Miramax has partnered with The Weinstein Company and the two production companies have just signed a deal that will give The Weinstein Company back the rights to some of their well-known films.

The first result of this deal has already been announced, two sequels will be coming to the big screen, one for Shakespeare in Love and one for Rounders.

Shakespeare in Love won Best Picture at the Oscars and featured Gwyneth Paltrow in the lead role.

Moviefone reported that for the Rounders sequel, Matt Damon and Edward Norton are interested in returning for their roles. The studio is also in talks to have De Niro play the villain role in the upcoming sequel.

Harvey Weinstein spoke to Deadline and said that these two sequels would happen instantly and that this deal has unlocked many film treasures. “It’s like unlocking a kingdom full of gold, which Tom describes as diamonds,” said Weinstein.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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