Sharon Osbourne regrets reality TV

By Marie Blake,

Sharon Osbourne speaks out about how reality television was the biggest mistake she ever made.

Yahoo! TV reports that Sharon regrets appearing on reality TV.

Sharon, her husband Ozzy, and their kids Jack and Kelly, appeared on MTV's The Osbournes from 2002 to 2005. Although the show was a hit and made all of them a household name, Sharon revealed on The Graham Norton Show that it was a mistake.

"We both worked to continue a lifestyle we had become accustomed to and we had to travel so my kids spent quite a time away from us and you can never get that time back," Sharon said.

"It was the biggest mistake I ever did, but would I have wanted to live a lesser life? You make the most of what you have. I don't know how, but Jack and Kelly came out just great," she continued.

Ozzy spoke to The Quietus in 2010 about the effect the show had on his family.

"The kids couldn't handle it, my wife couldn't handle it: she had colon cancer. On the one hand it was phenomenal, on the other hand I had to watch my family [suffer]," Ozzy said. "But we invented a new form of television...Would we do it again? I dunno. I don't think so," he added.

Sharon currently stars on CBS's The Talk and The X Factor UK. Jack recently appeared on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, and Kelly currently stars on E!'s Fashion Police.

Photo Courtesy of CBS


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