'Sherlock' return teased in 7-minute mini-episode 'Many Happy Returns'

By Kyle Johnson,

Sherlock's third series hits BBC One on New Year's Day and the BBC has released a mini-episode to get fans excited for Holmes' return.

"Many Happy Returns" is a seven minute episode, similar to what the BBC did ahead of the 50th anniversary for Doctor Who, according to Deadline.

The main cast of characters from the popular British series make appearances, such as Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade, John Watson and, of course, Sherlock Holmes.

The mini-episode starts off with a blonde drug-smuggling woman being discovered by a hooded man in a Buddhist temple. Then the scene shifts to a man who was telling the story to Lestrade insisting that the person who discovered the woman was actually Holmes, no matter how much Lestrade denies it.

The man insists there have been many sightings of Sherlock, but the camera never pans in on his face, always shooting him from either behind or using shadows to disguise someone we all recognize and know during each story.

The scene then shifts to that of Watson at home receiving a box of things of Sherlock's, including a video tape, reports Daily Mail.

The video is of an old birthday message and in it Sherlock says, "Hello John. I’m sorry I can’t be there I’m very busy, however many happy returns. Oh and don’t worry, I’m going to be with you again very soon."

image: Screenshot


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