Shooting at Colorado high school, early reports say two hurt, gunman dead

By Kyle Johnson,

Police were called to the Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colo. just one day ahead of the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.

Reports are still coming in, but County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said that it is believed that two people were injured during the shooting, Reuters reports.

Some students were seen being patted down as they evacuated from the high school. Across the street, a Yogurtland employee said police had the school surrounded and her store was being emptied.

According to CNN, who is updating constantly on the shooting, Lauren Brendel, a minor, was shot and has since been taken to the Littleton Adventist Hospital.

It is also being reported that Robinson told journalists at the scene that the male shooting suspect was found dead after an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Robinson also noted, "We have not been able to locate a second suspect, but that's part of our ongoing investigation."

Parents were directed towards a church where they would be allowed to pick up their children after the high school was placed on lockdown. The Arapahoe High School has 70 classrooms and about 2,229 students.


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