‘The Simpsons’ Recap: ‘Yellow Subterfuge’

By May Chan,
Can Bart keep his behavior in check for a field trip?

Before the school assembly, Principal Skinner dreams of himself in the Old West with the utmost authority over his students, but when he wakes up, he realizes he has to talk to the student body about the field trip to the submarine.

The students are initially happy, but Skinner gives them the bad news: The seats are limited to the field trip, and Skinner determines who goes on this trip.

Bart looks glum, while the four nerds and Lisa look happy after Skinner shows them the animation that they're automatically on the list to the trip.

Even though Bart had planned on pulling a prank on Skinner by dropping a beehive on him, he remote controls the beehive elsewhere.

However, Skinner tells all the students they have a clean slate, which gives Bart hope that he could go on the submarine trip.

Over at the Simpson household, Bart plays with his food in anticipation to the trip, but his family is doubtful that he will keep his behavior in check.

To prove his family wrong, Bart says he will start by taking his plate to the dishwasher, yet all we hear is a plate shattering outside.

Homer interjects that Bart wouldn’t be able to behave well until the trip and then asks Marge if she can help start his car for him so he can go to Moe’s.

Marge blows into the breathalyzer, so the car can register that Homer is sober and start the car.

The next day, Bart tells Lisa that in order to avoid temptation, he buried all his whoopee cushions in the back yard. Cut to Homer stepping on the grass and the sounds of whoopee cushions at every step.

Meanwhile, Lisa runs into Krusty the Clown, as she’s biking her way through the neighborhood. Catching people hauling away Krusty’s belongings because he’s going broke, Lisa suggests to Krusty that he sell his show’s rights to foreign countries just like SpongeBob SquarePants did.

At school, Skinner marks off the name of every troublemaker. Bart, nonetheless, behaves like he’s in church. Even Lisa volunteers to disqualify herself from the running because of Skinner’s abuse of power.

When the bus stops running on the way to school, Bart panics that he’ll be late and that Skinner will disqualify him from the trip.

Despite his obstacles, Bart arrives to school on time, but will he make it to the submarine trip?

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Photo courtesy of Fox


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