'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: 'You Are My Sunshine'

By Matthew Dagen,
Violent resolutions are what SAMCRO does best

Jax meets with Patterson. Patterson is told by Jax that he's held up his end of their bargain, but she's not quite ready to let the Sons go. Patterson knows she's been played, and Jax knows that she knows as well. As the Sons ride out, Patterson calls Tara to let her know that her immunity deal is back on the table.

Tig and a couple of the newer Sons go to the warehouse with some of Connor's men to finalize one of the Sons' last gun deals. The Irish OK the shipment, then are immediately gunned down by the Sons with Tig.

Jax goes to the warehouse and meets up with the rest of his guys. Lin arrives, still holding Happy captive until Lin gets his revenge on the Irish. Jax shows Lin the truck with the guns, complete with the bodies of the two dead Irishmen. While Lin seems to appreciate the guns, he wanted to be the one to kill the Irish himself. He wants Galen's number two, Connor, to which Chibbs says won't happen. Jax reluctantly agrees.

Fiasco goes to Diosa to meet with Nero. The Biz Lats are falling apart, and have been ever since Nero joined up with the Sons. Fiasco wants Nero to meet with Alvarez to discuss an alliance between the Mayan's and Nero's crew.

Tara tells Juice that she needs to head back to St. Thomas to get more supplies to treat Bobby. When Rat goes with Tara, Juice goes to check on Bobby. Juice asks Bobby why he changed his mind this time around, in regards to the vote for Clay to meet Mister Mayhem. Bobby tells Juice that it wasn't good for Jax or the club for Clay to die the first time the vote came up, but he knew it would have to happen sooner or later, and that Clay certainly deserved it. Bobby then tells Juice to go to Diosa to let off some steam. Juice takes a bunch of Bobby's oxy pills on his way out.

Nero meets with Alvarez at Fiasco's request. Alvarez is worried that with Jax handing over the gun business to Marks, Marks and the Niners will push everyone else out of Oakland, including the Mayans and the Chinese. Alvarez wants Nero to get in Jax's ear about this, but Nero assures him that he has no say in club business.

Jax tells Connor that the gun truck is gone and his guys are likely dead. He blames Lin and the Chinese, calling it retaliation for what Galen did during the gun demo a few days before. Jax urges Connor to speak with August Marks, a talk that will at least give the Irish an option to fall back on.

Gemma is waiting in Tara's office when she gets there. After they trade jabs at each other, Gemma goes to leave but runs into Patterson in the hallway. Gemma tries to get a feel for why Patterson is there. Once Gemma is into the next hallway, Patterson goes in to talk to Tara, accompanied by an ATF agent. They are prepared to offer Tara full immunity as well as witness protection, but only once Tara supplies the evidence against the Sons. She promises to turn over the evidence once her lawyer has everything in writing. After Tara leaves, the ATF agent expresses his concerns that Tara will actually come through. Patterson says she'll bury Tara in court if she backs out of the deal, or if Tara runs with the boys, the MC will hunt her down and kill her. Tough choices there.

Juice shows up at Diosa, high out of his mind on oxy. Lyla brings him to a room and tells him to get comfortable while she goes to get a girl. Juice stares at himself in the mirror, then breaks down. He's losing it, and grabs another pill in the meantime.

Back at the cabin, Tara tends to Bobby. After she's done changing his bandages, she tells her bodyguard that she's going to get some rest. Tara goes into her room and sneaks out of the window.

Jax meets with Connor at the gun warehouse. A couple cars roll up. Connor asks if it's Marks, to which Jax says it is. Just as Lin and his men jump out of the cars, Jax pulls his gun on Connor. Jax hands Connor over to Lin, then he tells Lin to let Happy go and he'll show him the guns. Lin goes to the truck and just as he opens it up, Niners pop out of the woodwork, and they come out shooting. The Niners waste all the Chinese, leaving Lin wounded, but barely hanging on. Tig hands Happy a gun to finish Lin off. He shoots him enough to kill him a few times.

Jax convinces Connor that partnering with Marks on the gun issue is the way to go. A little bit later, Marks actually does arrive at the warehouse to meet Connor and hopefully begin their partnership. Marks drops a bag filled with half a million dollars for their first shipment, then goes to leave. Connor is skeptical that Marks would just leave the money, but Marks tells him that trust is key in their kind of business.

On Tara's way back into Charming, she gets a call from Patterson that Tara's lawyer approved the deal. Tara then calls Gemma and feeds her some BS about Bobby's wounds opening back up and her needing an extra hand to help patch him up, knowing that would just leave Wayne at the house with the boys.

Nero and Lyla tend to Juice, who nearly overdosed on oxy, after Gemma gets the call from Tara. When Lyla leaves the room to go run Diosa, Nero tries to get Juice up and active. Still a little woozy, Juice starts talking about stuff he shouldn't be talking about. He comes clean to Nero about killing Darviny on Jax's orders. Nero lets Juice fall to the floor and you can tell he's starting to think twice about Jax as well.

Tara arrives at Gemma's house. Wendy is sitting at the kitchen table playing with Abel. Tara gets her boys ready to go, but Wayne stops her at the door. Tara holds Abel close to her, then pulls a gun on Wayne and Wendy so they'll get out of the way. She gets her boys outside, but just as they're almost out, Wendy yells after Abel that she's his real mother. Tara goes back in and clocks Wendy in the nose with the gun, then leaves. Wayne calls Gemma immediately.

Connor gets off the phone with Rourke, and it seems that the Irish are willing to give Marks a try. Jax is very happy that this went through. All the Sons are ready to celebrate when Jax gets a call from Gemma.

Tara is driving with her boys. Tara tells Abel that everything she does is for him and his brother. He understands, but then asks where they're going and is his daddy going to be there. Tara breaks down and starts crying.

Meanwhile, Patterson and the ATF agent wait until almost 45 minutes after when Tara said she'd be there until they realize that she's not coming. Patterson has the look on her face that says Tara took the "I'll take my chances on the run" option.

Jax gets to his house and sees drawers emptied and toys gone. Gemma runs in not too long after. "She took my sons," Jax broods to his mother. Gemma tells Jax that she saw Patterson at the hospital and that Tara must have made a deal. Jax rips apart the room in anger.

A short time later, Jax sits in silence on the bed. Nero comes in, and Gemma tells him that Tara ratted and took the boys. Nero fights the urge to say something about what Juice told him about Darviny and attempts to comfort Jax. That information isn't going away, and could potentially explode in next week's season finale.

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