Spotify to release free mobile streaming service

By Kyle Johnson,

Spotify is preparing to announce a new free streaming service for mobile users according to someone close to the situation.

According to a source that spoke with The Associated Press, the Swedish music streaming company plans on making an announcement at an upcoming New York event.

The service would mostly allow users to pick songs and put them into a playlist and then Spotify would allow users to shuffle and have a limited amount of listens.

IBNLive reports that Spotify currently allows subscribers to listen to songs randomly chosen in specified genres for free, but users cannot choose the songs they want to listen to. For those who pay $10 a month, they can save specific songs to listen on their approved mobile devices.

The latest feature Spotify released was a way for music artists to track the data related to the playback of their songs.

As of March, Spotify claimed to have over 24 million users worldwide, with about 6 million listening through a paid subscription. The company also said that it had paid artists over $1 billion in royalties.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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