Starlito releases 'Insomnia Addict' mixtape

By Jessica Starks,

After three albums in one year, one would assume that Starlito needed to take a breather, but he has no intention of stopping now. On Dec. 15, which happened to be his birthday, Starlito released his mixtape, Insomnia Addict to the world.

The mixtape contains 10 tracks, all of which are unique in their own right. He keeps the theme of being up all night throughout the entire mixtape, labeling each song by a time.

This, to me, is extremely clever because people can relate to it. Starlito doesn't want to slow down, so instead of sleeping, he works without stoping. It's genius. This mixtape definitely gets an A+ for originality.

The songs on the mixtape are just as interesting as their names. Tracks such as “Honestly(4:44am)” and “SOS(5.55am)” show that he can hang with the best of them.

He sampled tracks from artists like Mac Miller and Kanye West, yet was still able to bring his own uniqueness to each track and make listeners forget that it was even a sample in the first place. The way, with his rhymes formulated and mixed with his laid-back means of execution, is a sign of true artistry and the reason this mixtape comes out on top.

Listen to “Honestly(4:44am)” here:

image: YouTube screenshot


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