Steve Carell undergoes hip surgery

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

Steve Carell revealed on the The Late Show with David Letterman that he went through with hip replacement surgery.

The Anchorman 2 star injured himself 12 years ago while playing ice hockey. A doctor advised Carell to wait to have surgery and instead treat the injury with medical shots twice a year, said Seattle PI.

The 51-year-old finally scheduled surgery in October but didn’t look into the procedure beforehand.

Carell told Letterman, “I thought, if I watch this (research videos), if I actually know what’s going to happen to my body, I’m not going to do this. I just found a good doctor and went ahead with it. … Because essentially what they are doing is dislocating your hip, they’re cutting it out and they’re putting a different one in. So it’s fairly traumatic to your body.”

Carell didn’t know what to expect on the day of the surgery and was very surprised by preparation procedures, according to the Huffington Post.

“It was fun! I really enjoyed it. A woman named Yolanda showed up to shave my groin. Had I known that I would have shaved my own groin.”

Carell also said he got to pick what his new hip was made of, likening it to “picking out the interior of a car.” He went with ceramic.

According to Carell, the surgery went well and he is planning to return to hockey in the New Year.



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