Stolen credit card information from Target breach hitting black market

By Kyle Johnson,

Stolen credit card information that was nabbed from Target has begun hitting black markets worldwide.

According to Forbes, security journalist Brian Krebs, who first reported on the breach, said that the stolen information has since gone up for sale for between $20 to $100 per card.

Krebs found out after a New England bank wanted to find out if they should be worried about reissuing cards, which can cost between $3 to $5 a card to replace and would be inconvenient for customers as the last few days before Christmas loom large.

The credit card information could be bought using virtual currency that is hard to trace, like Bitcoin. But some information that is not included are cards' CVV2 codes, the three or four digit code on the back of a card, which limits what one can do with the card information.

As previously reported, Target admitted that it indeed had a security breach and anyone who used their card between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15 was potentially at risk.

Target did say that while most information was made off with, thieves did not get the PIN numbers for anyone who used a debit card at Target. The retailer has since said that security flaw has been fixed, but that people should pay attention to their credit card statements to see if any suspicious activity occurs.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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