'Supernatural' Recap: 'Holy Terror'

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

A bus full of church choir girls pulls up to a biker bar. The biker’s tell the girls they shouldn’t be there. The leader tells them, “We have just as much right to be here as you do brother,” and pulls out her angel sword. He does the same and they fight. The choir girls leave the biker bar, with all the dead biker’s inside.

Dean and Ezekiel talk about how he doesn’t like that they’re going to investigate angels.

Sam takes back over but notices a chunk of time missing, like other times that he’s lost pieces of time. Dean blames it on the trials asking Sam, “Would I lie?”

The boys go to investigate the angel crime scene and find Cas is already there, playing an FBI agent. Sam and Dean are worried about angels finding him but Cas wants to do what he can to help because it’s his brothers killing each other.

Two black sedans meet in a deserted construction site; one has the choir girl leader, along with a new angel named Malachi. The other has people from Bartholomew’s team. Malachi and Bartholomew both want to take control of heaven back from Metatron and Malachi wants to avoid all out war on earth by negotiating with Bartholomew. However, Bartholomew doesn’t want to negotiate so Malachi’s people kill Bartholomew’s people.

Cas, Dean and Sam go out for a beer and they go over what they know. Bartholomew wants to reverse Metatron’s spell and take over heaven, but that’s all they know. Cas goes to get another round and Ezekiel takes over Sam’s body to express his dislike of Cas being around, because it’ll bring more angels down on them. When Cas comes back Ezekiel goes outside to get something out of the car and runs into Metatron, who says he know who he really is, which is not the angel Ezekiel.

Cas confronts Dean about how he looks uncomfortable when Sam mentions Cas having left the bunker. He blames it on how the trials messed Sam up bad and that Cas needs to stay away while Sam heals so no angels come down on them.

The angel inside Sam is Gadriel, an angel who spent “hundreds of thousands of years locked in heaven’s darkest dungeon.” Gadriel was the lookout for the Garden of Eden when the serpent got in. Metatron tells Gadriel he is the one who made the angels fall, and kicked them all out of heaven. Metatron plans to rebuild heaven, only allowing a select few angels in and wants Gadriel to help him.

Sam and Dean are back in the bunker, and Sam is worried about Cas taking off again. Sam pulls up the obituary on one of the biker guys. They find out all the bikers were part of a “born again” biker gang. The bikers were part of Bartholomew’s people, which means there is another group worse than Bartholomew killing the angels.

The choir leader is speaking to a bible study group, getting them to let angels in. However a group of people come and kill the choir leader, as well as the entire bible study group, before the angels can take possession of the kids.

Metatron and Gadriel meet in an empty parking structure. They discuss Metatron’s plans for the new heaven, which Metatron plans to be the ruler of. Instead of being called God he would instead liked to be called X.

Cas prays to the angels in his hotel room. He prays for hours, in many different religious forms. An angel by the name Muriel arrives at his hotel room but once she finds out it’s Cas, she goes to leave but he stops her.

Kevin is going over the angel tablet while Dean shows Sam another angel attack. They discover the choir girl angel was at both killings.

Cas tells Muriel that Metatron tricked him into closing heaven. Muriel and Cas both want no part of the war on earth. Cas finds out from Muriel that Malachi is leading the other faction. Another angel breaks into the hotel room and takes them to Malachi’s “offices.” Cas tells Malachi he has no idea how to reverse Metatron’s spell. They torture Cas in order to get information out of him but he doesn’t know anything so they kill Muriel to try and get him to talk.

Malachi tells Cas that many angels died in the fall, including Ezekiel. He then leaves to let the other angel continue their torture of him. Cas asks for a quick death, but the angel asks for him to speak to Metatron, because he wants to be raised back to heaven, even offering to serve as a soldier for Metatron. Cas lies about being able to get in touch with Metatron and gets the angel to unbind him so he can call Metatron. When Cas is released, he steals the angel’s grace and kills him.

Cas calls Dean and tells him about the leader of the opposition and that he got his grace back and he’s an angel again. He also tells Dean that Ezekiel died in the fall. Dean tells Kevin he needs a spell to “power down” an angel inside a vessel so he can speak to the vessel without the angel knowing.

Metatron and Gadriel meet again and he agrees to join him. In order to trust Gadriel, Metatron requires him to kill one of their enemies and hands him the name on a piece of paper.

Kevin and Dean paint the sigil and Sam comes back. Dean starts the spell and tells Sam everything that he has been hiding from him. He tells him about how Sam was in a coma and how he let an angel possess Sam by tricking him to say yes. Dean tells Sam to expel the angel and Sam storms off. When Dean chases after him, Sam punches him in the face. Sam goes to Kevin, who asks if he notices anything off about Dean. Sam tells Kevin not to worry about Dean and then kills him.

Gadriel tells Dean he heard him talking to Kevin and that he altered the sigil to alter the spell. He takes the angel tablet and leaves the paper with Kevin’s name on it on top of Kevin’s body before leaving the bunker.

New episodes of Supernatural return Jan. 14.

Photo courtesy of The CW.


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