Suspected John Wayne Gacy victim found alive in Montana

By Amanda Stewart,

Robert Hutton, a man who had been presumed dead for decades, has been reunited with his family after investigators found him alive in Montana. It was suspected that he was a victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

The Associated Press reported that Hutton was found in April after his sister submitted his name along with about 150 others as the case of the Gacy murders were reopened to identify some bodies. Hutton’s sister thought that it could be possible that her brother was a Gacy victim. They hadn't heard from Huttin since 1972.

Gacy is believed to have lured 33 young boys and men into his home, sometimes hiring them to do construction work. It is easy to see how Hutton’s sister may have thought he could have been a victim. At age 21, Hutton was a hitchhiker and often did construction work while traveling.

The Chicago Tribune said that after so many years had passed Hutton was embarrassed to try and contact his family. He tried in the 1980s and 1990s but had no luck in contacting them.

The sheriff’s office began investigating unidentified Gacy victims in 2011. Approximately 150 families, like the Huttons, have come forth with missing persons they believed could be victims of Gacy. Only one of those 150 has been identified so far, a man named William George Bundy.

Five of these, like Hutton were found alive. The sheriff’s office continue to investigate about 40 more leads.


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