Taylor Swift plans more collaborations for 5th album

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Taylor Swift is already focused on her fifth studio album, which will be the follow-up to Red. Swift is planning more collaborations for this latest record.

Swift recently spoke about her upcoming album at a promotional event for One Chance, a movie that features her single "Sweeter Than Fiction."

"I'm really loving collaboration right now. I see it as a bit of an apprenticeship. I want to be around people who love writing songs and have done it for years. Every time I'm in a studio, I'm learning, like how to build a drum track, and getting a new perspective on things. It's so thrilling to keep learning on your fifth album," said Swift.

Swift also said that each album has become about reinvention and once Red was released, she was already thinking about the next album, Billboard added.

2013 was a big year for the Red singer, who sold out a worldwide tour and was one of the most talked about artists on Twitter, Rolling Stone reported.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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