Tila Tequila wears Nazi uniform, sympathizes with Hitler

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

Tila Tequila posted and later deleted a photo of herself dressed in a Nazi uniform. The former MTV starlet was scantily dressed in her uniform complete with swastika arm band while standing in front of Auschwitz.

Tequila also posted Monday to her Facebook that Hitler was a “special and sweet kid” and someone who was “bullied,” according to NY Daily News.

After her former fans ripped on her post, all asking “what is wrong with you?” in their own way, both post and photo were deleted.

Here is the entire Facebook post, according to Hollywood Life:

“Once upon a time in a land far away there was a special and sweet kid who had a dream to become a painter. He was a brilliant artist and was ahead of his time. He had hopes, and dreams just like we all do.

Unfortunately, the art schools did not feel the same as he and they rejected him. Fast forward a few years later he was roughed up and bullied on top of that by the same people he once loved. His Name was Hitler.”

Image: Tila Tequila Facebook


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