TNT tweeting lines of first ‘Mob City’ script before Wednesday premiere

By Daniel S Levine,

Stay away from TNT’s official Twitter page for Mob City if you don’t want to be spoiled ahead of the miniseries’ Wednesday premiere. The network is tweeting out every line of the premiere episode, starting today.

In a statement, TNT called it an ‘adaptweetion’ of the episode, giving viewers a taste of the show’s dialogue, 140 characters at a time. The ‘adapteetion’ started just over an hour ago at the @MobCityTNT Twitter page.

TNT is not going to just post all the lines at once though. It will be rolling out bits of dialogue over the course of three days, leading up to the premiere on Wednesday at 9 p.m. The network also set up MobCScript.com to follow the tweets.

Actors Jon Bernthal, Simon Pegg and Ed Burns will also use their Twitter pages to join the conversation. Creator Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead, The Shawshank Redemption) is using his Twitter page to send out set directions.

Mob City will be airing in two-hour installments over the next three Wednesday nights.

image: Doug Hyun/TNT


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