Toddler Henry Shakyaver becomes a photography sensation

By Amanda Stewart,

When you give many two-year-olds a camera, you usually end up with a broken camera or a lot of photos that don’t make sense. However, toddler Henry Shakyaver’s photos have inspired the beginning of his own photos series: Henry’s Concepts.

Henry’s Concepts began when his nanny, Alex Neary, a portrait and wedding photographer, was asked by Henry to take a picture of him “like this.” Then, when Henry was done having his photo taken, he would ask Neary to replicate the pose while he took a photo.

According to CNN, Neary has been photographing Henry since she started nannying him. Henry’s mother was not surprised that he showed an interest in getting behind the camera.

CNN also notes that Lorri McDonald, Henry’s mother, thinks the project teaches her son creativity and how to observe what is going on around him.

Neary loves teaching Henry more about the camera. The two use an iPhone camera when they are taking photos together. Neary tries teaching him about focusing and other techniques. Neary stated, that she is not sure that Henry has learned much from this project.

Henry may not become a photographer when he grows up, but he will certainly do something creative.

To view Henry’s Concepts you can visit Neary’s website and view a two-year-old’s concept of the world around him.


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