Tom Cruise settles $50 million lawsuit against tabloid publisher

By Kyle Johnson,

Tom Cruise has dropped his $50 million defamation lawsuit against Bauer Media, which publishes In Touch Weekly and Life & Style, after settling out of court.

According to E! News, the suit was filed back in October 2012 after stories were published claiming the Oblivion actor had "abandoned" daughter, Suri.

Cruise's attorney Bert Fields released a statement saying, "Tom Cruise's lawsuit against Bauer Publishing, In Touch and Life & Style magazines has been settled."

Since the suit had been filed, Fields had continued to constantly deny that the story that Cruise had abandoned his daughter was at all true, saying that he "talked to her every day and sometimes twice a day because he was very concerned."

According to New York Daily News, during a deposition the actor did admit that he hadn't seen Suri for 110 days at one point and his ex-wife Katie Holmes divorced him because of Scientology.

Also during the discovery phase of the lawsuit, Cruise's attorneys kept trying to dig up something that showed Bauer had it in for the Church of Scientology, but never managed to.

The actor's former publicist, Pat Kingsley recently said in an interview that he would try and keep Cruise from talking about Scientology publicly and in interviews.

image: ABC


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