Top 10 Best Christmas Movies

By Lauren Wheeler,
These movies make the nice list!

There are too many great Christmas movies to fit on a list. The Hallmark Channel has good original ones and ABC Family shows not only 25 days of Christmas films but also a Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas. Making a list of 10 movies was a complicated system. Therefore, this movie list only includes popular movies and classics. I tried to find great movies that are must-watch each season. These are movies that you can watch every year of your life and never get tired of them.

I love Christmas. I love the true meaning of Christmas and I even love the gift-giving commercial part of it. Christmas time is time with family and fun. It is a season of hope and happiness. The movies on this list are fun, magical and perfectly represent this holiday and everything that it does - and should - mean. Therefore, I decided that it was a good time to write best and worst Christmas movie lists.

Here are the 10 best Christmas movies. If I missed your favorite or if you disagree with the list, comment below.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons


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