Top 10 Beyonce songs

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Beyonce shocked the music industry and fans when she released her latest album without any promotion, marketing or press. Fans woke up, logged onto iTunes and saw a brand new Beyonce album, featuring all new tracks and videos.

Not many artists could have pulled off such a feat in the music industry but Beyonce has the star power, the talent and musicianship to make this impossible challenge look easy.

Mrs. Carter's talent goes beyond music. She is often seen spending time with different non-profit organizations and being a mother to her first child, Blue Ivy.

In honor of all things Beyonce and the musical tour de force that she is, TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top ten most played Beyonce songs. From "Listen" to "Halo," these songs have become instant fan favorites and are played on repeat on stereos everywhere.

Comment below and add your favorite Beyonce song.

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