Top 10 Celebrity Selfies of 2013: From Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus to Kim Kardashian

By Mary Deneen,
Celebrities show off their best selfies on Instagram, and here are the top ten shots of 2013!

It was no wonder that Oxford Dictionary declared “selfie” the word of the year in 2013. Everyone is posting pictures of themselves to Instagram and Twitter these days, and famous stars are no exception. From the constant shots of Kim Kardashian blowing up our Instagram feeds to tattoo pictures to rockin’ beach bods, celebrities have flaunted it all.

Despite being plastered all over magazines and the Internet by paparazzi, celebrities still love to add to the collection. We are no strangers to Justin Bieber’s shirtless selfies, pouting at the camera, or cute shots of Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy. Whether they are backstage at a concert, in their bedroom, or in a tropical destination, our favorite stars keep us updated on nearly everything they are doing.

Some celebs have mastered the “selfie” better than others, but hey, it takes practice. Kim Kardashian has over a thousand Instagram posts, and Justin Bieber has twelve million followers. It’s hard to compare to them, but daily celeb selfies remind us that they’re normal people too...just a whole lot more popular. Check out TheCelebrityCafe.com’s top picks for celeb selfies of 2013.


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