Top 10 Christmas movies

By Karl Nagurski,

Break out the Christmas albums, and the eggnog, the season is finally here. Despite all the sales and retail stores playing Christmas music, most normal people don’t celebrate until after Thanksgiving. With the Christmas trees going up and carolers on their rounds, the season will be taking full swing in no time. To welcome in the holiday season it’s only natural to watch a slew of Christmas movies to welcome in the yuletide joy.

Whether it is comedic or dramatic or even high-octane action, there’s a Christmas movie that’s on the list to watch every single year. Television networks will be playing them nonstop, and so will you. As the snow falls, we will be counting down the ten best Christmas movies that are wonderful (hint, hint) classics for any household.

These are feature films only, so some favorite may be excluded (we haven’t forgotten you, Charlie Brown!) Merry Christmas!

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