Top 10 Demi Lovato singles

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Demi Lovato has been on a personal and musical evolution over the past few years. Starting as a young Disney star, who became famous overnight with the hit Disney Channel film, Camp Rock, to the female music superstar that she is today, Lovato has been through it all and has come out on top of the musical charts.

Music fans have seen Disney stars rise and fall in the public eye. Lovato did go to rehab for a variety of personal issues but emerged from treatment a stronger and more focused individual. Following her time in treatment, Lovato released Unbroken, which launched her into the pop music industry. Lovato had a new sound, a more personal feel and was able to shed her Disney past without losing her large fan base. Lovato overcame personal issues and has become a female role model for thousands of young girls.

TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top ten Demi Lovato singles. From Disney hits to current hits like “Neon Lights,” all of these songs have the signature Lovato sound and express her true talent as a vocalist.

Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below.

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